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Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions now offers lawn care in Ashland, VA.

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Lawn Care In Ashland, VA

More Time

Hiring a professional lawn care service will improve your lawn and you won’t have to take the time out of your busy schedule to perform the labor yourself. Let us labor over your lawn.

A bag of money representing how hiring a lawn care service will save you money over time and increase home value.

More Value

Unless you know what you’re doing, the cost of buying fertilizer, weed treatments, and pesticides can cost more than hiring a lawn care service. It makes budgeting that much easier.

Beautiful looking grass thanks to a professional lawn care service.

More Beauty

With a beautiful lawn, your home’s curb appeal will be the envy of the neighborhood. Oh, and think of the higher home value should you ever sell your property.

Does Your Lawn Have These Problems And You Hate It?

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Lawn Care With The Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions Difference

If your lawn is struggling and you live in Ashland, VA, then our lawn care services are for you. For more than 15 years, Greenshield has provided eco-conscious pest control and now lawn care services. But, what’s setting us apart from other lawn care services in the area? Here’s just a few bullet points.

  • Our number one goal is to make you go from feeling frustrated with your lawn, to being the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Our lawn care technicians aren’t just lawn care professionals, they are rigorously trained to prevent pests from invading and damaging your lawn.
  • You have the option to choose from supplemental services like soil testing, soil amendments, weed control, and fertilization to be sure your lawn is always looking green and lush.
  • Greenshield only hires 1 in 300 applicants and has a rigorous training program so you know the best lawn care professionals will care for your lawn.
  • We study the latest eco-conscious lawn care techniques, meaning the ecosystem around your property is unaffected.
  • Our motto is “a happy customer is a loyal customer,” and you will join a family that has an average retention rate of 7+ years.
  • Greenshield doesn’t just provide lawn care services in Ashland, VA. We can provide service to the rest of Hanover County and the Richmond Metro Area.
One of the the Greenshield Home & Pest Solutions trucks.
When you see the Greenshield truck traveling from residence to residence in Ashland, VA. You know a homeowner is about to get the help they need making their lawn beautiful and lush.

The Benefits Of Having A Lush, Green Lawn From Greenshield

A house in Hanover County, VA, with a beautiful and green lawn. A green, lush lawn will increase your home's curb appeal and property value.

Enhanced Curb Appeal & Increased Home Value

Nothing feels better than having the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. Neighbors, passers-by, and visitors going “Wow, look at that lawn” never gets old. Plus, should you want to sell your home, a beautiful lawn is something people look for. It will increase the curb appeal and property value. People will pay more for a house that already has the lawn of their dreams. Even if you’re not selling soon, it’s a good practice to have it at its best.

A photo of rain falling on a yard.

Better Flood Control & Erosion Prevention

It can rain a lot here in Ashland. When we think about it, it can rain a ton all over Central, VA. Did you know a beautiful and full lawn doesn’t just look beautiful but improves flood control? An even lawn allows water to seep into the ground evenly, slowing down the runoff. If your lawn isn’t full, water and rain can punch holes in the soil. The divots get larger over time and eventually result in large holes. Having lush grass keeps the soil in place, and that reduces the environmental impact weather can bring.

A family looking at their home and beautiful lawn.

Relief & Enjoyment!

When Greenshield provides lawn care, your lawn is going to look its best and be at its healthiest. When you don’t have to worry about holes caused by rodents and erosion, there won’t be problems with safety. Plus, with a lawn full of grass, the soil will be safe from the elements. There won’t be runoff carrying soil and debris across your yard. When you walk outside and see the beautiful green grass you can breathe a sigh of relief, and you were able to just sit back and let us do the work.

A New Lawn In Three Easy Steps

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